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C&A is proud of its year-round open door policy. “Open doors” are both a warm welcome and an invitation to enjoy one’s hospitality. Achieving this outcome is not always straightforward. Biddle strives to maintain a thorough climate separation, without keeping the doors open all year would be impossible.

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“Biddle offers real climate separation and not a heat source which disturbs the inside climate.”

Rob Ober
C&A (the Netherlands)

Your partner for climate solutions in North America

For the past 60 years, Biddle has been producing and delivering innovative climate solutions in the field of heating, ventilation, cooling and climate separation. Biddle serves customers worldwide. 

Biddle has ample experience in assembling made-to-measure climate solutions, and the hands-on approach truly makes Biddle your partner in every step of the process. 

Why Biddle

  • Reliable climate solutions
  • Made-to-measure climate systems
  • Worldwide network
  • Innovative & market-compliant climate systems
  • Energy-efficient climate separation

SensAir: new wave in climate separation

SensAir is the next generation of CA2 air curtain, incorporating better design, enhanced efficiency, more control options and low noise levels. The SensAir not only delivers the optimal climate separation, but more importantly, provides evidence that the climate solution is effective. For a detailed understanding of your comfort and energy performances, a number of tools are available to monitor, analyse and control your climate separation. Our main goal is to develop the most effective solution to meet your needs.


Your partner in climate solutions

Business and Industry Today is proud to present Biddle Air Systems as its selected Climate Solutions Company of the Month.

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Ensure heat is retained to increase efficiency

Where commercial and industrial premises are concerned, adopting a more holistic approach to heating could pay dividends; not only can end users benefit from improved comfort levels throughout the building, but there are also significant savings to be made on energy costs and carbon emissions.

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Meet SensAir, the new generation in comfort, control and energy efficiency

The SensAir is the culmination of Biddle’s over 60 years’ experience in air curtain design, and goes to a whole new level of efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and low noise levels.

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Even more installation convenience with the DoorFlow air curtain

The DoorFlow maintenance-free air curtain has been a familiar sight in the Biddle climate separation range for many years.

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